Why Us

A word from Heather

Greetings and welcome to Annies Nannies. I’m Heather Peterson, and I have been in business for over 22 years with the Florence Nightingale Group. I have 3 children, so understand what a modern family needs when it comes to childcare. My focus is making sure that Annies Nannies staff have all the right tools available to them to provide a positive childcare experience for you and your children.


As a Mum, and the owner of Annies Nannies, it is imperative to me that Annies Nannies recognise the importance of immediate and extended whanau, nanny, educator and programme coordinator in providing a safe, consistent and respectful environment for your childs development. It is also profoundly important to me that your childs care is in line with your values, needs and what you want for your family.


My vision is that Annies Nannies will ensure that children in our service are provided with opportunities to play, discover and learn both in the home and wider community.

Why Us

Annies Nannies is committed to providing a quality home-based early childhood education service, guided by the principals of Te Whaariki (New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum) assisting children to ‘grow up as confident learners and communicators, health in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society’.

We are a team committed to providing, supporting and extending an excellent professional and personalised service to families, children and nannies. Annies Nannies has dedicated staff ready to listen, assess your childcare needs and discuss all of your available options. When you contact us you will be speaking with a parent or a qualified ECE teacher, so we know about childcare from all angles.


Our Core Values

  • Relationships – working positively to build partnerships
  • Respect – being honest and embracing differences
  • Resilience – growing inner strength to face challenges


Our Philosophy

  • We aim to teach and nurture tamariki within a safe and caring home environment. The cornerstone of our beliefs and values is respecting children as active members of society as we prepare them to live in a 21-century world.
  • Building positive and meaningful relationships forms the basis of all our interactions as we work in partnership with families and whanau to ensure their aspirations for their child’s learning are valued and planned for.
  • The curriculum we offer empowers children to be interactive learners actively engaging in and exploring the world around them. Regular excursions provide children with a wide range of experiences and contributes to building their knowledge of the world they live in.
  • Our planned programme enables us to identify individual children’s interests, strengths and abilities and plan to extend these through offering a wide range of learning experiences and provocations.
  • A rich library of resources is available for educators to access as they seek to provide an engaging environment.
  • Supporting children to develop social competence and communication skills is interwoven into all aspects of a child’s day.
  • We value diversity and difference and embrace all opportunities to welcome these aspects into our programme.
  • We are committed to the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand and all tamariki will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of Maori language, culture and practices.

Our Curriculum

At Annies Nannies we offer a curriculum that empowers children to be interactive learners actively engaging in and exploring the world around them. We implement the New Zealand early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki (2017) principles, strands, and goals as our guideline to sustain and improve outcomes for children. We will respond to the social and cultural values and beliefs of its community of children, families, educators, and teachers.


We respect te tiriti o Waitangi by providing the tamariki with culturally responsive environments that support their learning and ensuring “they learn how to learn” and provided with equitable opportunities to learn. We use TāTAIAKO – Cultural competencies for teachers of Māori learners as a guideline.


We also recognise the diverse families and ensure the parent’s aspiration and inclusive practice are met at all time. We use internal evaluation for improvement and accountability were understood to be the main purposes. It is embedded in practice and integral to the service’s operation. The individual planning, assessment, and evaluation is in place for each child and ensures the learning outcome has met at all times.