Our Programme

Annies Nannies is your one-stop childcare agency offering nannies, and babysitters available to assist with the education and babysitters available to assist with the education and childcare of your family


Introducing our new and innovative learning and support programme.




We are excited to offer an innovative tailored package to suit you and your child/ren. We can deliver education and support in a way that is meaningful to you and maximises the opportunities for your child. We are thrilled to be in the unique position to pioneer this type of programme. Our packages mean that your family and nanny have a more personalised and tailored service that supports both your child and your nanny.


With TLC 1 you and your nanny will have access the following: • Payroll • Teacher Visit - Education and Nanny Support Visit


With TLC 2 you and your nanny will have access the following: Payroll • PAYE • Kiwisaver • Sick Leave / Annual leave • Record keeping • Support with employer / employee obligations

TLC Packages


By opting in to the Annies Nannies payroll system we take care of your nannies pay. We can manage the complete payroll for your nanny, giving you one less thing to have to think about. Our payroll is run fortnightly and covers - PAYE - Kiwisaver - Sick Leave - Annual Leave - Payslips - Record keeping - Support with employer / employee obligations.

Teacher Visits

With the monthly teacher visit you can access an educational and nanny support visit. A qualified visiting teacher can spend time with your child/children getting to know them and their needs and interests. They also spend time talking to the educator, listening and supporting them to provide a programme that supports the child/ren’s learning. Resources are also available to support the children’s interest and needs. Nannying can be a lonely job and sometimes a listening ear or support with issues such as toilet training can add confidence to them in their role. Handouts and readings can also be provided to support the Nanny in their role. It is also an opportunity for the visiting teacher to get to know the child/ren and spend some quality time with them.

Professional Development

We provide Professional Development opportunities that enable your nanny and yourself to attend throughout the year. We offer many topics for your nanny to further develop and extend themselves. From brain development, behaviour management to developing mindfulness.

Outings and Events

We organise outings and events from time to time, which are based around children’s current interests or opportunities that our qualified early childhood teachers feel would benefit and further develop the children’s skills and knowledge base. We offer regular Nature Explorer outings for the children enrolled in our TLC Programmes. Natures Explorers are outings where we can take the children out in to nature to explore and investigate the world around them. Playing and exploring in nature can benefit your child/ren intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, and discover activities for fostering their development. We also organise Creativity sessions for the children in our TLC Programme. The children have the opportunity to attend sessions where they can create, sing, dance and express themselves. Through creative and imaginative play children can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and even physically. Creative experiences help a child develop these skills and enable them to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.


Annies Nannies has provided me with high-quality nannies on the two occasions our family has required a nanny.  The process of finding and selecting a nanny was made hassle-free.  Annies Nannies provides great educational support at home for our nanny and provide wonderful resources for the boys and feedback on their progress.  I couldn’t recommend Annies Nannies enough.


We have been using Annie’s Nannies for nearly five years while my twin girls were young and I am thrilled to be able to continue using the service for after-school care now that they are starting school. The team at Annies Nannies are so wonderfully warm and accommodating and their services have been vital to the functioning of our household. We have been able to utilise the WINZ subsidies and their nannies are just lovely. I highly recommend Annies Nannies!