Our Programme

Annies Nannies is your one-stop childcare agency offering nannies, and babysitters available to assist with the education and babysitters available to assist with the education and childcare of your family


Introducing our new and innovative learning and support programme.



Natures Explorers

We run monthly Nature Explorer outings for the children enrolled in our TLC Programmes. Natures Explorers are outings where we can take the children out in to nature to explore and investigate the world around them. Playing and exploring in nature can benefit your children intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, and discover activities for fostering their development.

Creative Sessions

We run monthly Creativity sessions for the children in our TLC Programme, with the majority of these sessions being held in our office. The children have the opportunity to attend sessions where they can create, sing, dance and expressing themselves. Through creative and imaginative play children can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and even physically. Creative experiences help a child develop these skills and enable them to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas


Children certainly benefit from going on excursions, as they have the opportunity to experience life beyond the home environment with their nanny, peers or family. Through taking a trip children can observe social systems and the roles people play within them, such as fire and police protection, traffic control, banking, shopping, and other relative systems. Excursions also provide children with first-hand experiences in which they can develop further in language and literacy, gaining new vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

Resources and Activity Boxes

Our tailored TLC Programme enables families access to our extensive, diverse and relevant resource packs available for the continuing development of your child and added support for your nanny/educator. We ensure that when our qualified ECE teachers (Programme Coordinators) visit with your nanny or educator and child they bring resources that are pertinent to the interests of your child.

TLC Packages

New Teaching, Learning and Creativity (TLC) Package

We are excited to offer a brand new innovative tailored package to suit you and your child/ren. We can deliver education and support in a way that is meaningful to you and maximises the opportunities for your child. We are thrilled to be in the unique position to pioneer this type of programme and are pleased to invite you to trial our TLC1 package as part of employing a nanny free of charge for three months. Our packages mean that your family and nanny have a more personalised and tailored service that supports both your child and your nanny.


This is our elite package that offers families the full support of qualified early childhood education teachers, who will maintain and oversee the learning and development of your child/ren. Your child/ren will get a monthly visit from the teaching team that will focus solely on their individual needs, which will also be followed up with a personal email celebrating your child/ren’s milestones and achievements alongside an individualized learning and development plan. This package also provides your family and nanny with added support and makes the nanny accountable in their position. With support from getting a first aid certificate to professional development sessions, resources, and outing opportunities, especially with our new Nature’s Explorers outings. This package enables the nannies to continue to upskill in their chosen area as well as offer the opportunity for your nanny to join our very busy and active Nanny Club.


This is our middle range package and is designed for those families who feel that they or their nanny requires or who would like less support than TLC 1 offer. This still offers your nanny the opportunity to upskill and maintains a high level of accountability from the nanny. While your family will have access to a qualified early childhood teacher via phone and email Monday to Friday, they will also be visited by the teaching once every three months. This visit will be to support your child/ren’s learning and development and to work alongside the nanny to support their growth and professional development. This package also sees the introduction of a special deal with Creative Junk.


This is our package which is specially designed for families that still want to belong to a professional agency. This package will provide support for nannies and families with specific requirements. This could include but not limited to children with special needs, families with experienced and qualified nannies that require less support with the learning and development of your child/ren but would like to be inclusive and to be part of our nanny support network. Or We can tailor a package to suit you and your family’s needs. Tell us what your needs are, and we can create a unique package for you.


Annies Nannies has provided me with high-quality nannies on the two occasions our family has required a nanny.  The process of finding and selecting a nanny was made hassle-free.  Annies Nannies provides great educational support at home for our nanny and provide wonderful resources for the boys and feedback on their progress.  I couldn’t recommend Annies Nannies enough.


We have been using Annie’s Nannies for nearly five years while my twin girls were young and I am thrilled to be able to continue using the service for after-school care now that they are starting school. The team at Annies Nannies are so wonderfully warm and accommodating and their services have been vital to the functioning of our household. We have been able to utilise the WINZ subsidies and their nannies are just lovely. I highly recommend Annies Nannies!