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Home based in the Hotseat

By now you will know that Annies Nannies have voluntarily cancelled our Ministry of Education licences.


The main reasons we cancelled our licences was in response to the direction that the government indicated late last year that they want to take early childhood education.  Home based education has increased 65% since 2007 and the government appear determined to undermine the very reasons that have made it successful.  The government announced changes and indications suggest these are only a start are:


– Every nanny, except a very small group, will have to increase their qualification in order to provide the same services as now.  This will directly increase the cost of a nanny to every family.

– Through each Agency the government will demand additional administrative duties of the nanny reducing either the time the nanny spends with a child or increase the cost of the nanny.

– Give the government the ability to come into your home anytime they think the service is being provided.

– Increase the health and safety requirements of your home that you will have to pay for and increase nanny training that again you will pay for.

– We disagree with the direction of the government and feel very strongly that this approach will actually dilute the educational opportunities and success of both every family and every child.


As a result we want to keep family wishes for their child at the forefront of the services provided to each child.  We want the specific developmental abilities and capabilities of each and every child recognised and we will work alongside every family and nanny to make sure the best result is obtained.  We also believe that over time our services will be cheaper, more productive and current nannies will remain in their profession.


TLC is here and available.