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Nanny Questions

How will Annies Nannies support me in my childcare role?
Through our Educational Programme we are able to offer our nannies access to the knowledge and expertise of qualified Early Childhood Teachers/ kaiako, resources specific to the children/ tamariki in your care and the educational experience you are supporting the child/ tamaiti to develop, and opportunites to socialise with other nannies and educators.  We support your professional and personal development with workshops, extra assistance while studying, recognition for meeting milestones, and informal discussion groups.  We are flexible enough that when a need is idenfitied by our staff/kaimahi or our nannies and educators, we are able to source relevant material or outsource a workshop to meet the need.  Where ever possible we try to ensure a variety of times and dates are available to attend professional development to ensure it is accessible to as many nannies and educators as possible.  Annies Nannies is also active on facebook, and has a monthly newsletter with upcoming community events, reminders of playgroups, workshops, outings etc, and fun activities.  The support and guidance Annies Nannies offers is not limited to the fun stuff - we also ensure we are available to you should there be a workplace or employment issue.  

What is expected of me if I am a part of your Educational Programme?
If you are in an Educational Programme role then the expectation is you will ensure the excellent care and education of the children/ tamariki and the supporting documentation to ensure a safe environment and a record of the child's learning.  Full training is provided from our teaching staff on what is expected to ensure regulatory requirements are met and maintained.  There is also the expectation that where ever possible you will be actively involved in professional development, be this offered by Annies Nannies or by an outside provider.  

Do I need a current first aid certificate?
Regulations in the ECE sector dictate all nannies and educators have a current First Aid Certificate.  If you are a part of our Educational Programme then Annies Nannies will pay for the renewal of your First Aid Certificate.

If I don’t have a full driver licence can I still apply to register?
Yes. You do however need to be aware the positions that will be available to you will be limited as most families/ whānau require their children/ tamariki to be transported which can only be done on a full licence.

What wage can I expect to earn and who deals with the tax?
If you are an in-home educator you set your own hourly rate which will depend on your qualifications and experience.  The average is $6-$8 per hour. Our Programme Coordinators can help you determine your hourly rate.  If you are a nanny with us, you negotiate your hourly rate directly with the family/ whānau. The average is $17-$19 per hour.  (We offer wage negotiation workshops as part of our professional development. This workshop is generally free to attend if you are registered with us).

Who pays the tax on your wage will depend on the type of position you have.  It is best to speak directly with our adminsitration staff/ kaimahi to have your questions answered.  

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?
 Due to the nature of childcare work and continuity of care, we discourage applying for every job that comes up, but we certainly support and suggest you apply for those positions that suit you. This may mean you are applying for more than one at any given time.

Can I be employed by more than one family at a time?
 While one full-time position is often what nannies are looking for, this isn't always a reality.  Often nannies will need to have two part-time positions to make it up to full time hours.  Annies Nannies can provide guidance on PAYE questions should you have any.  

Can I be registered with more than one agency at a time?
 When looking at registering with any agency we recommend you are aware of how that agency will support you in your childcare career.  That being said, Annies Nannies has great faith in the excellent service  we extend to our nannies and educators, therefore have no hesitation in you registering with other agencies while also registered wth us.