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Home-based Educator Questions

What is a Home Based Educator?

A Home Based Educator provides care for children in their own home.

Why would I want to be a home-based educator with Annies Nannies?
We have a passionate team of professional teaching staff supporting you that really know what it is like to be a home-based educator, because some have been an educator themselves!  We recognise the importance of relationships between our teaching and administration staff, and the home-based edcuators in our service.  Building relationships of trust, honesty, strength and consistency is extremely important to us. We know that our ability to support and assist our home-based educators in reaching their personal and professional goals ensures a happy, harmonious relationship.  We focus on the whole relationship which includes the educator, Programme Coordinator, tamariki, parents, whanau and Annies Nannies.  We come with a listening ear and a sense of humour!

What can I expect in the way of support?
At Annies Nannies we look at the big picture - it's not just about the children you have in your care, it's about: marketing support, business guidance, educational advice, professional development opportunites, opportunities for meeting with others in the industry, and support with both personal and professional goals.  And that is just for you!  We are also there to support and help you extend on the work you do with the precious tamariki in your care: specialised educational programmes, educational resources, playgroups, outtings, events, and assistance in working toward parents goals and aspirations for their children.

How will I get paid?
Your parents/matua will deposit the money into our bank account and each fortnight on a Tuesday we will pay it to you. This will cost each family $3.50 per fortnight.
What if a family doesn’t pay?
Annies Nannies will contact the family/whanau to let them know that we haven’t received payment for their childcare. After consultation with the home-based educator, we set a timeframe for payment and a consequence if payment isn't received.  
How many children can I look after at one time and do they need to be from the same family?
You can look after a maximum of four children/tamariki at any one time, with a maximum of two of those four children being under two years of age.  
Will I get visits from a Programme Coordinator each month?
Each child/tamariki will receive a visit from your Programme Coordinator every four weeks.   Often this means that you as the Home-based Educator will receive multiple visits each month. 

Are there any tax benefits to being a home-based educator?
As a home-based educator you are self-employed.  The IRD recognises that a business operating from a home incurs some general running costs.  With this in mind, the first approx $3.81 per child/tamariki per hour is not taxed.  Further, you can receive a one off bulk payment per annum to help towards the costs of genreal wear and tear to your home. If you employ the services of an accountant, they will be able to discuss with you the other tax benefits you may receive as a self-employed contractor.

What expectations will Annies Nannies have of me as a home-based educator?
As a home-based educator in our service, you will be expected to provide an education and care service for all of the children/tamariki enrolled with you, with the supporting documentation and record of learning for the children/tamariki. Annies Nannies teaching staff will provide training, then ongoing support and guidance in these areas.  There is also an expectation that you will attend professional and personal development when ever possible. 

How do I find more children to look after?
Annies Nannies supports and assists you in the promotion of your home-based service.  There are a number of marketing opportunites we provide resources for, as well the general marketing we do for the overall promotion of Annies Nannies, which by assosiation you benefit from.  Annies Nannies completes the enrolment and paperwork for all new families/whanau, as well as administers the 20 hours ECE, WINZ subsidies and family/whanau payments.  There are also additional services you can access to further promote your home-based business.  These can be discussed with Annies Nannies staff/kaimahi.  

How does insurance work if I am a home-based educator?
At the earliest opportunity you need to ensure you advise your home and contents insurance company that you are operating a business from home. Annies Nannies is part of the NZ Home-based ECE Association (NZHBECEA), and we strongly recommend all of our home-based educators register as individual members of this Association which gives you access to business insurances including indeminity which is strongly recommended.