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Frequently Asked Questions

Family/Whanau Questions

What services does Annies Nannies offer?
Annies Nannies offers temporary nannies/educators for babysitting, short term positions, holidays and weekends. We also offer Permanent nannies/educators (part time and full time) and Home-based Educator options. We also offer an Educational Programme for families with preschoolers looking for a permanent nanny/educator.

What is an Educational Programme?
Annies Nannies offers an educational programme to families/ whanau in our service that have preschoolers, and are enrolled for a minimum of 12 hours per week (Monday to Friday 7am-7pm).  Our Educational Programme is funded by the Ministry of Education (so is free to families, children and nannies/educators) and ensures qualified Early Childhood Teachers/ kaiako are available to support your nanny/educator in providing quality education and care to your children/ tamariki.  The programme supports the edcuation and development of the children/ tamariki with age appropriate and relevant learning resources, playgroups, outings, events and monthly visits into the home by our qualified teachers/ kaiako.  The programme also provides workshops and employment support to families/ whanau, access to a payroll service and monthly communications from your assigned ECE teacher regarding the progress of your child(ren).  In addition, your nanny/educator is supported through professional and personal development opportunities, as well as the knowledge they have easy access to qualified teachers/ kaiako to assist with the care and education they provide in the home.

How does Annies Nannies ensure the quality of your services?
Annies Nannies employs staff/ kaimahi that are committed to early childhood education and care and all that it entails.  We are licensed under the Ministry of Education and subject to their rigorous regulatory requirements. We conduct regular internal mini audits to ensure we are meeting and exceeding our regulatory requirements, and have a robust self-review process.  Annies Nannies staff participate in a number of Advisory Groups, and are active members of the New Zealand Home-based Early Childhood Education Association.  We also hold childcare contracts with a number of government agencies so are subject to their regulations.  In addition, we are proud to be a part of the Florence Nightingale Group.

How does Annies Nannies select your nannies and educators?
Our recruitment staff/ kaimahi are passionate about the care of children/ tamariki. All of our nannies are experienced and/or qualified and are devoted to providing the best possible care to your children/ tamariki. In selecting nannies we carry out a robust recruitment process, including reference and credential checking, child/ tamaiti related referee checks, and police checks. Our registration is a two stage process which includes the inital interview, checks, then an induction.  Not all applicants that apply to register with us are accepted.

What duties can I expect my nany/educator to perform?
Your nanny is employed primarily for childcare although you can expect some light housekeeping. This is generally restricted to laundry, vacuuming as required, keeping kitchen surfaces clean, and child related duties. If you require further housekeeping, this would need to be discussed directly with the nanny. In all instances we recommend you add any expected housekeeping duties to a job/ mahi description.

Who employs the nanny/educator?
The family/whanau is the employer of the nanny. Annies Nannies supports the family/ whānau with employment contracts and job descriptions, as well as ongoing support as needed with employment issues. The average nanny wage is $17-$19 per hour.

Does Annies Nannies offer a payroll service, and who pays the PAYE?
Annies Nannies offers an optional payroll service.  This ensures your nanny's PAYE is kept up to date, looks after Kiwisaver if the nanny has opted in, and tracks sick leave and accrued annual leave. This is an added service and available to those families/whanau that are a part of our Educational Programme. There is a small fortnightly administration fee to access this service. Please note, if employing a nanny for less than 30 hours per week you do not have to enrol into a payroll service, you can pay the nanny his/her gross amount.

Can I use 20 hours ECE, WINZ Childcare subsidies or multiple birth hours through Annies Nannies?
If you are a part of our Educational Programme, you can access 20 ECE hours for your 3-5 year old children/tamariki.  If you are entitled to WINZ childcare subsidies, then Annies Nannies can assist with these for Under 5's. We can also access multiple birth hours. There is no administration fee to access 20 hours ECE, WINZ subsudies or multiple birth hours.

Can Annies Nannies help me if my regular nanny is unavailable?
Annies Nannies offers a temporary nanny service.  If your regular nanny is unavailable we can, often at short notice, provide a temporary nanny.  Simply contact the office at the earliest opportunity and we will check our temporary nanny availability.  

My child has recently been unwell - can you help with childcare?
In most instances we are able to assist with childcare for an unwell child (or parent/matua for that matter - if the parent needs some time to get well, we can help with a temporary nanny to take care of things until such time as the parent is able).  If the ill-health is of a gastric nature than we are unfortunately unable to assist.  

Please click on the below link to read our parent information pack which provides general information about our services and the steps to take when looking for a nanny or home-based educator.  

General information pack