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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Corporate Business Questions

Why would we use an Annies Nannies Nanny?
We have assisted in a number of instances where companies have provided childcare for their staff/kaimahi.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Childcare for conferences/award evenings
  • Assiting with childcare when an employee is out of town and support is required in the family/whanau home
  • Providing evening or daytime childcare as an 'added-value' for the employee
  • Assisting in childcare during school holidays 
  • Providing temporary childcare when the child/tamariki is unable to attend their usual care provider (eg: cold, a number of common child ailments, chicken pox etc) so the employee is able to meet critical work committments
  • Temporary live-in childcare if the parent/matua is required to attend events out of town
  • Providing information for human resource packs for new staff or staff newsletters regarding Annies Nannies temporary and permanent chidlcare services

Where is the care provided?
Our nannies can generally accommodate your requirements. This can be in a designated area in your office, in the home of an employee, or at a conference venue.

How is the nanny paid?
Annies Nannies will pay the nanny directly for the care provided (subject to completed timesheets), and invoice your company for the care. 

How much notice do I need to provide to organise childcare?
Annies Nannies can often provide care at extremely short notice (often within hours of the request).